Cased Hole Wireline Logging

Prestige Wireline's mission is to provide the technology and expertise in salt cavern logging to deliver our clients the most reliable data in the safest, most environmentally friendly way possible.

Prestige Wireline services has a complete determination of demonstrated advances in wireline logging that convey the basic subsurface data you require and is an elite provider amongst wireline logging companies.

Reservoir Storage & Injection Wells

In addition to the hydrocarbon storage industry, we have equipment to inspect casings for injection wells and disposal well industries.

With the combination of WIPP3D and PresLog it is possible to make and create any combination of final log presentation. A special corresponding computer program is developed to enable fast and accurate processing using clear log and listing presentations.

WIPP3D – Is presented with all the features.
  • It represents integration processing software for MFC/ODT/EMDS and RBT data
  • It enables
    • Full data import,
    • Quality control,
    • Corrections of different type
    • Interpretation of data
    •  creation of reports
  • Combination of WIPP3D and PresLog it is possible to make and create any combination of final log presentation.
  • Integrated 3D Visualization Module enables full 3D Visualization and Examination of MFC and Thickness data.

About Prestige Wireline Companies

With regards to critical subsurface data about your well, wireline logging companies can give unequaled adaptability to meet your operational and budgetary targets over a wide range of reservoirs. With highly coordinated wireline logging devices, advancements, frameworks, and ability, we are centered around opening the capability of customary and unusual assets.

Wireline administrations incorporate estimation, well intercession, and remediation operations that utilize a multi-strand link to pass on hardware and estimation gadgets into open-hole and cased-hole wells.

Offering ten particular methods for passing on wireline logging devices into open holes, which incorporate traditional, ordinary with memory, and propelled memory logging. Past signing in open holes, a large number of our movement frameworks can likewise be utilized to advance device arrangement in cased holes for puncturing, generation logging, and different applications.

About Our Cased-Hole Services

Through our cased-hole wireline services, including estimation and intervention services, we offer administrators some assistance with increasing admirably execution while decreasing great difficulties that can emerge from defective cased-hole usage. This incorporates issues, for example, inward and outer deformities brought about by erosion, scale, and wear.

Prestige Wireline highlights a broadness of wireline services, as well as our strong R&D endeavors. Together, these empower us to tailor to your specific project needs.

The subsequent advantages incorporate critical cost funds and lessened the danger of hardware misfortune and inability to get information.

Prestige Wireline services influence inventive and proficient transport systems that enhance open-hole and cased-hole assessment methods while relieving dangers. We enhance the execution of your wells with an expansive scope of exploration driven, field-demonstrated, estimation and mediation abilities.

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