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April 30, 2016
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June 17, 2016
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Understanding Your Reservoir


Increased knowledge of the reservoir allows for improved planning and extraction of the contents to get the most gas and profit from a reservoir investment. Prestige Wireline teams and tools have made advancements allowing for more and better information to be gathered and interpreted for planning purposes. We now have tools that can overcome obstacles previously roadblocking quality images and information. Now we can secure not only the reservoir details but also quality control information to confirm accuracy of reservoir data under conditions such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High-pressure
  • Narrow and uniquely shaped spaces
  • Fluids and oil based muds

The versatility of these new tools has reduced resources spent on access drilling and reduced overall costs and time invested in understanding a reservoir’s potential. Exploring and understanding reservoirs left unexplained by previous tools, that couldn’t navigate these harsh conditions with accuracy, opens new opportunities for development.

Not only have these tools advanced the limits of what can be learned about a reservoir but additional improvements mean Halliburton’s new tools can gather this information as quickly and effectively as ever. Stronger lighter lead cords mean fewer chances of fishing setbacks. Accompanying tools flush away invading material to get better high-resolution captures and reduce the need for repeated attempts. Updated programming enhancements reduce the risk of downhole failure and allow for multiple samples to be gathered simultaneously in one run. Eight types of data are collected and communicated five times faster from the downhole tool to surface systems. Haliburton maintains the equipment immaculately with documentation before and after every use. This ensures accuracy to boost productive well time once the collected data is transformed into a working plan for extracting reservoir resources. Accurate pre-planned data means active implementation and fewer setbacks once that plan is in motion.

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